• Date: August 23, 2013
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    • Anthony & Ana Hankins
    • Thanks Travis for doing such an amazing job.. on our wedding.. We are truly grateful for all the wonderful photos you took.. not one bad photo out of 300 is incredible.. and we are very picky when it comes to photos.. Great Job!! Can’t say it enough. Your an amazing photographer!

    • Monica Jovanovic
    • Just had to respond happened by accident landing on this page.rOW, first of all I must say to the almost angelic PERFECT Bride Beautiful is NOT good enough describing you. Congrats to you both and never lose site of each others innocence. Maintain everyday then spring clean on your anniversary, oh Never go to sleep mad But if u fall asleep stubborn at midnight bathroom break dont matter which one kick that damn chip off the shoulder, take a look at her/him they chose you forever, always, broke, rich, mad, glad, so get on that bad with a big yell out Hot dog am I lucky jump on that bed both you until that rooms been broke In… Life is short and I lost my love, we fought he left and who knew the next id see him he was.. The officers said he couldnt have felt a thing it went fast no break marks on the road he fell asleep. It took many years for m to stop blaming myself for letting him leave mad. The crazy part we just burried my nephew the weekend before for the same thing. You both are beautiful and I love marriage. You dont know me but that means nothing to me you are my family in Christ, I love ya Mr. & Mrs. Newlyweds if ya ever need an ear ya got my email dont be afraid to use it. God Bless you and prosper always HOPE is real embrace it

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