What if you were given the opportunity to sit in the shoes of one of your role models and share ideas in the field you were aspiring to?  High School student Kayla Colaruotolo was given that opportunity to sit under one of her favorite photographers located in the South Bay to experience what professionals experience in the photography field.

One of Kayla’s projects in her Photography classes was to take a photographer that inspired her and mimic their work.  She contacted Travis Silva, owner of Forgiven Photography, to get permission to use his work.  Travis agreed to it but wanted to take it a step further with giving her a true professional experience.  He called up his team of photographers, videographers, models and assistants to join them on a real photoshoot, where he could work with Kayla on everything from technical settings, lighting, and how to pose models.  This experience was life changing for Kayla and really created an opportunity to excel her in creating a photography style of her own.

“It was a great experience to have, and it opened my eyes to shoot differently.  I’m so grateful I was able to do this and see how others shoot.”  Kayla Colaruotolo

Travis has been in the community for years helping in many ways to train up photographers and teach them the basic fundamentals of photography.  His work is internationally known and has traveled the world to capture everything from aboriginals in Africa to Landscapes in Australia.   His unique style and caring heart is what causes him to stand out from other photographers.  In an interview with Travis he says,  “I have been given a creative gift from God and my hope is that I can share that with people to allow them to continue there passion with Photography and see the beauty in His creation.”

Hopefully others will take from Travis and his willingness to give back to the community and see that we can change peoples lives one person at a time.  To learn more about Travis Silva and Forgiven Photography go to

Behind the Scenes with Forgiven Photography


Photos Above taken by Noah Mensink

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