• Date: June 24, 2013
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People ask me what my favorite type of photography is, and I sit here and ponder all the possibilities of answers that I could give them because really I love it all.  I love being able to capture God’s creation through camera technology and showing people how amazing the Our Maker is.  Although, there is one type of photography that I especially enjoy because it is so much more than just taking pictures.  It is being able to capture a girls childhood dream of waiting her whole life for Prince Charming to come and swoop her off her feet and lead her into a life of happily ever after.

That process of coming along side of a couple and helping them prepare for the day that they had always wished for, while watching it play out so perfectly.  To me it is a huge honor to be able to capture those moments that will last forever so that they can share them for years to come.  It’s pretty amazing to be in the right place at the right time to snap a picture of that special moment that will only happen once in a life time.

I get extremely excited when I step out of the car to prepare the gear for a memorable day.  Constantly praying for the couple and an overwhelming sense of creativity, I see God time after time answer that prayer through seeing things that others don’t get to see.  When the bride puts on her makeup, slips on her dress and the doors open up for the first time, she always has this amazing glow of feeling more beautiful than she ever has before.  And then to turn and watch her bridesmaids light up because of how happy they are for her just puts a huge smile on my face.

Then watching the guys play and mess around as they show their love for the groom through jokes and acting like kids again.  That excitement fills the room and their nerves are on edge because they will eventually be walking down the isle to be center stage in front of hundreds of people.  Capturing the blank minds of the people in the party is always fun because they never know what to expect and they are all trying so hard not to collapse.  “Bend your knees and breathe”, they keep repeating to themselves so that they don’t become the center of attention through passing out in front of everybody.

The music begins, “Dun..Dun.. Du Dun.., Dun.. Dun.. Du Dun…”  Everybody stands to their feet and turns to the bride, but I love watching the reaction of the groom, because you always see a different side of him.  Tears begin to race down his face as he is in total awe of how amazingly beautiful his bride to be is.  His heart just stops because the butterflies are just to heavy and he struggles to breath, but he pushes through just to be able to hold her in his hands and get to the vows that will last a lifetime.

Their eyes lock and from that point forward the air is silenced.   The only thing that they can hear is each other and the Pastor who will guide them through the ceremony.  I can not ever get enough pictures of that scene.  That is the point in which every single person dreams of, and those that have been through it, remember what it was like when they were in that same spot.  Everybody is impacted by that moment and being able to capture that over and over again is what keeps me motivated to continue to be part of Happily Ever After.

I love taking pictures… but there is something special about being part of peoples’ childhood wedding dreams.

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